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Retired Fashion & Clothing Tycoon

South African-born Alan Dogan is Cape Town’s legendary putt-putt champion. The retired fashion tycoon is now the action sports hero of the South Bay. He is the most interesting man in the world.

Chris Candy
Comedian & Actor
Funny is in his DNA.

As the son of legendary actor John Candy, humor runs in Chris’s blood. The Canadian-born actor and writer trained at some of the country’s most well-known comedy incubators. Today, Chris acts and hosts a weekly music program and two podcasts. His spirit animal is the Caddyshack gopher.

Ron Del Barrio
Hollywood's Swing Coach (that's golf swing)
Call for a good swing.

Ron del Barrio— the charismatic golf coach to Hollywood's elite— has seen 30 years of celebrity (golf) strokes in the City of Angels.

Founder of American Rag Cie

Retail renaissance man Mark Werts is an innovator at heart. In the early 80s, the Hollywood native opened American Rag in the Bay Area after a stint in Europe that led to a discovered passion for fashion. Now, he runs the family business with locations across Southern California. He still manages to find time to squeeze in nine holes before lecturing at USC, shaping the next generation of retail entrepreneurs.

Joe Shirley
Might score your next film, if you ask nicely.

Raised alongside three music-loving brothers, Joe naturally joined the household’s rock and blues band and set his sights on a music career in the City of Angels. In high school, Joe and his friends wrote and presented a musical that would put Zac Efron to shame. It was then that he discovered his love for writing music for the big screen. Joe toured the country playing in bands by night and composing for short films and ads by day until he pursued scoring at USC, where he knew better than to try out for the golf team.

Jenni Franco

New England-born and bred Jenni has always had a sense of style that stands out. After living in New England for one decade too long, Jenni drove to LA determined to contribute to the world of fashion and apparel. She cut her teeth in children’s wear before expanding the brand into its first-ever women’s line and landing it in retailers from NYC to Zurich. She will never live further West than Echo Park and is known to dress like a young Larry Bird.


Nick Walker is a photographer and director with an all-star roster of collaborators, including Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, FKA Twigs, Future, and Playboi Carti. With an affinity for the beautiful and the absurd, he aims to capture his subjects' personalities and social realities through projects rooted in human intimacy.

Professional Snowboarder
Name a sport, they play it.  Oh, and they'll also beat you.  

Billy Anderson is selective with his company. His time is best spent with the people he loves– his wife and two daughters– in the place they love most: outside. Having spent most of his life in the mountains on a snowboard– it’s no surprise he craves the joy of the outdoors, fresh air, and freedom. More recently, golf has brought him the same peace with nature with an added focus and attention to detail.

Gino Mcaloon
Lakeside GC Chief Problem Solver
"The Fixer"

Gino is the caddy master at one of the best places in the world. He only gets in about 130 rounds a year, so he doesn't get to play much. His extracurricular activities include emptying ashtrays, sleeping, putting at night, and smoking.

Gilbert Terriquez
Caddy, Santa Anita Race Track Enthusiast
Can be found off course betting on the ponies.

Gilbert has been caddying at Lakeside for 48 years. When he's not there, you can find him hanging with one of his 8 children or placing a small wager on the ponies.

Ronnie Bruer
Knows where all the (lakeside GC) bodies are buried.

Ronnie Bruer has been caddying for 40 years and is also an electrician. He's one of the best putters you'll ever meet. You can find him having an adult beverage or at the gym in his free time.


Mason is 22 years old and has been caddying at Lakeside for 2 years. He's an up-and-coming professional golfer. His extracurricular activities include gambling on the golf course and taking money from my buddies.

Bo Snair
Ask him about his tattoos.

Bo Snair is an ex-punk rock bass player. He used to smash guitars; now he smashes golf balls. As long as he doesn't slice it, hook it, thin it, or chunk it. Currently, he's a caddy and UPSer. He's a 13 from the blues, 20 three ways, and 2 off the first tee. "Do they have a cocktail cart here? I'm thirsty," he asks.


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